Throughout their 38 year ownership, Bud and Judy transformed Sunnypoint, constantly remodeling, rebuilding and growing the business.   As the business grew, so did the greenhouse growing and display space.  Sunnypoint's first major remodel was in 1980, replacing the original cinder block walled greenhouse with 2 larger gutter-connected greenhouses.  Shortly after that, 2 more gutter-connected houses were added to the 1980 houses and as years passed, and the business grew, 3 more growing greenhouses were added behind the retail greenhouse, providing needed growing space for increased plant inventory.  In the early 90's, the retail greenhouse was replaced again with an even larger greenhouse, and wooden shade structures were constructed for outdoor retail display spaces.  Sunnypoint's current 3 gutter-connect Westbrook retail greenhouse and the garden gift shop were built in early 1999, and construction of the additional 8 poly-hoop growing greenhouses and wood shade structures was completed in the early 2000's.   Bud and Judy's vision has grown Sunnypoint Gardens® into a successful family business, and a favorite Door County garden center for many residents and visitors. 

Tony and Kori Zawojski, purchased Sunnypoint from Tony’s parents, Bud and Judy, March 2011.  Tony having grown up working around the greenhouses, and Kori, having spent 6 years apprenticing at Sunnypoint with Judy, are proud of Sunnypoint's history as a place centered around growing its own high quality plants, hard work, friendships and family.  Tony & Kori love the “get-your-hands-dirty” lifestyle Sunnypoint gives their family and look forward to continuing the Zawojski family's growing traditions for many years to come!

Looking for an escape from city life in Chicago, a more wholesome lifestyle, and new adventure for their growing family, Bud and Judy Zawojski purchased Sunnypoint in Summer, 1973.   At that time, Sunnypoint was just 2 small greenhouses, and a small storefront shop.   The main flowering crop was geraniums, mostly red, with a few purple and salmon varieties, planted in 4" clay saucers.  Other bedding plants grown were petunias, pansies and marigolds, salvia and snapdragons.  

Bud and Judy immediately set to work, learning the growing business, often through trial and error, with a vision to grow Sunnypoint from the seasonal "truck farm" to a larger business capable of supporting their family year-round.   Judy experimented growing different crops.   Sunnypoint's first hanging baskets were grown in the mid 70's - something NEW for customers to try.  Looking for a growing niche, Judy sold herbs via mail-order for several years.  To expand Sunnypoint's selling season beyond Spring bedding plants, they began offering a variety of locally-grown perennials and wildflowers.  Over the years, Sunnypoint Gardens® has been listed as a U.S. source for herbs, perennials and wildflowers in many directories, including Random House Book on Herbs and Lady Byrd Johnson's Wildflower Source Directory

Door County's Garden Destination! 

6939 State Highway 42 - Egg Harbor, WI 54209

(920) 868-3646

   Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm 

Sunday 9am - 4pm

Sunnypoint Gardens® - 6939 State Highway 42 - Egg Harbor, WI 54209 - (920) 868-3646

About Sunnypoint Gardens®...

The Zawojski family has been proudly growing in Door County for over 40 years.  Now in its second generation of Zawojski family ownership, Sunnypoint Gardens® has grown tons of colorful flowers, seen many remodels and rebuilds, made many friends, and been home to great family memories! 

Sunnypoint Gardens® traces its early beginnings as a "truck farm"  to the 1950's.  Throughout the 1960's, Sunnypoint Gardens® was open seasonally, selling tomatoes, cabbage, beans, raspberries and other produce plants plus a small offering of garden flowers.   

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